A place where the tool and finishing work business is developing. Another success of a Ptak Warsaw Expo event.

A place where the tool and finishing work business is developing. Another success of a Ptak Warsaw Expo event.

At Ptak Warsaw Expo, business is put in first place. It’s development is a priority, hence the main initiative is to provide individual industries with events dedicated to their specificity. One of them was the Tools & Hardware Show, which took place on November 16-18, 2022.

The reputation and high quality of the event is best evidenced by its partners. The Tools & Hardware Show had market leaders among them. Among them were Milwaukee, ECT Technik, Festool, Makita and KTK. The conference was supported by Narzędioholicy.pl. This compilation allowed the 2022 edition of the event to become an even better response to the needs of the dynamically developing industry.

Tools & Hardware Show – demonstrations and knowledge as the focal point of the event.

Tools & Hardware Show is an event that focuses primarily on combining theory with practice. And thats what happened also this year. Participants could take part in both the official conference and the many shows that took place during the three days of the event. And who spoke about innovations in their offer? They were, among others, representatives of Piher, CMT, Staco, Fish, Virutex, Qbrick, Iskra and Rawlplug. Thanks to the presentations, the visitors became acquainted with theoretical information related to innovation as well as saw how to use it in practice.

There were also entertainment elements. These were taken care of by Tomasz Markun – the author of the first Polish book whose action takes place on a construction site. During The Tools & Hardware Show his stand-up show was held, called “Construction Site – No Entry”, which captivated the audience with humor and accurate retorts.

Tools & Hardware Show – the widest industry range.

Several hundred exhibitors and thousands of satisfied participants – this is the result of the Tools & Hardware Show 2022. Visitors got acquainted with the offers in the field of power tools, diamond technology, circular and band saws, pneumatic tools, welding, measuring tools and devices, nailers and carpentry tools. There were also hand tools, fastening systems, auxiliary equipment, work clothes and footwear, health and safety accessories, abrasives, construction materials and technical chemistry.
The record-breaking interest in the Tools & Hardware Show, as well as the visible market demand for this type of event, resulted in plans for the next edition. More information on this topic can be found at warsawtoolsshow.com.

Summary of the Construction Machinery Exhibition and Warsaw Tools Show 2021

Between September 30 and October 2, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest fair center in Central and Eastern Europe, a synthesis of two events took place: Construction Machinery Exhibition and Warsaw Tools Show – the largest construction fair and international tool and finishing works fair.

121 exhibitors presented their products and services, 4536 industry clients visited us to establish valuable business contacts, broaden their knowledge of the market and its trends. The past event gave the visitors and exhibitors an unrivaled platform for acquiring and exchanging business contacts from around the world, increasing the company’s organizational potential and building brand recognition on the market.

Participants had the opportunity not to get acquainted with the innovations of the industry, but also had the opportunity to see impressive shows organized by our general partner – Stalco. The visitors could also take advantage of specially prepared fair offers. The event was accompanied by dedicated outdoor events from individual work branches, such as recycling, earth, demolition and scaffolding demonstrations.

The Construction Machinery Exhibition was characterized by a wide assortment presented by our exhibitors in the field of: Construction machinery and vehicles Lifts Spare parts Service Scaffolding Formwork Cranes Machines for the production of building materials and components.

During the Warsaw Tools Show, leading companies from Poland and abroad offered our participants tools from a wide range of industries: Power tools Diamond technology Circular saws and bands Pneumatic tools Welding Tools and measuring devices Nailers and staplers Carpentry tools Hand tools Fastening systems Auxiliary equipment Work clothing and footwear Safety accessories Abrasive Articles Technical Chemistry Building materials.

Ptak Warsaw Expo is characterized not only by the scale of our fair, but also by attention to detail and diligence in the performance of our work. The combined Construction Machinery Exhibition and Warsaw Tools Show were an unquestionable example of this and another success on our list. We would like to thank everyone who appeared! We are glad that our customers have left the halls with signed contracts and are richer in the most up-to-date knowledge about the market and its trends and innovations.

See you next year.


Ptak Warsaw Expo has recently opened the autumn fair season. In the halls of the largest congress center in this part of Europe, preparations for the next extraordinary fair are just beginning: Construction Machinery Exhibition and Tools & amp; Hardware Show

Both events are related to the construction industry, but were profiled differently by the organizers. The Construction Machinery Fair is devoted to civil engineering, while the Tool Works Fair focuses more on finishing activities. Thanks to the fact that both events take place at the same time and place, their representatives can establish cooperation, which will translate into the development and improvement of their companies.

INNOVATIVE STANDS | Ptak Warsaw Expo treats the Construction Machinery Exhibition and Tools & amp; Hardware Show with exceptional attention. As the largest trade fair and congress center in this part of Europe, it wants to pay particular attention to the strength of its technical department during both of these events. It is this department that takes care of the shape of the exhibition stands, which have recently undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis.

One of the great innovations introduced by Ptak Warsaw Expo was the departure from offering exhibitors ready-made stands in favor of those fully adapted to the needs of customers. What’s more, the Ptak Warsaw Expo center has moved away from building an okta stand, which is the most popular material among trade fairs, to a much more modern combination of wood, fibreboard and carpeting.

And all this to welcome thousands of visitors on September 30, who begin their celebration in the most aesthetic and comfortable conditions among all the fair centers in this part of the continent. What attractions have the organizers prepared for them?

ATTRACTIVE FAIRS | Two extremely important accompanying events await the participants. The first one is STALCO Show Zone , where the premiere equipment will be presented companies and overalls. The second will consist of VOLVO Operators Club , promoting stunning technical and manual skills industry professionals.

To participate in both trade fairs, you just need to register for one of them. More information about them can be found at: Warsaw Construction Expo – Construction machinery fair and Warsaw Tools Show – Tool fair.


The turn of September and October will be one of the unique tool industry fairs, during which we will visit over 100 exhibitors and get acquainted with the amazing show zone

Tools & amp; Hardware Show is an event that combines the idea of ​​the fair with shows and demonstrations of construction, finishing, carpentry, assembly and DIY works. This strategy is in line with the mission of Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest conference center in this part of Europe, integrating various business sectors during the fair and, thanks to the organization of specialized accompanying events, creating an opportunity for the development of the industry.

Market leaders, incl. Stalco (event partner), Milwaukee, Rawlplug, Toya, EGA, Högert, SOLA, Kreg, ITA Tools, Rubi Polska, Hikoki, Prosperplast, SUGA, Festool and others. They will present both their classic services and the latest, never-before-seen products.

The show zone, prepared by Stalco, will be a unique attraction of the event. competitions with prizes, the premiere of the company’s new product lines (related to technical and construction chemicals and power tools), technical demonstrations (demolition hammers, grinders and pressure washers), as well as a fashion show combined with an acrobatic performance and breakdance.

All interested are welcome to register for free at: Warsaw Tools Show – Tool fair .

2 wydarzenia targowe branży budowlanej

One registration - 2 trade fair events

2 wydarzenia targowe branży budowlanej

One registration - 2 trade fair events:

Construction Machinery Exhibition and Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show will be held between September 30 and October 2, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. During the three days of the fair, visitors will be able to experience dynamic shows of machines and tools, and benfit from specially prepared fair offers.

The events are distinguished by a modern hybrid formula combining classic trade fairs with demonstrations and demonstrations of construction, recycling, finishing, carpentry, assembly and DIY works. The very good location, the industry-specific nature of both events and the logistic facilities of the Ptak Warsaw Expo Trade Fair and Congress Center provide unlimited opportunities to present your products and services to exhibitors from the renovation and construction industry. The consistent subject of both events and the presence in one place and time of both representatives of companies operating in the field of construction and representatives of the finishing industry will undoubtedly contribute to building lasting business relationships and attracting new contractors.

Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show

Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show is an event organized for entrepreneurs and professionals who provide finishing and construction services on a daily basis – both in the private and public sectors. The fair will be a great source of information and inspiration for representatives of such professions as: fitter, painter, roofer, tiler, carpenter, carpenter or surveyor.

During the three days of the fair, manufacturers and distributors of many recognized brands will present a wide range of products for woodworking, metalworking and renovation works.
Visitors will have a convenient opportunity to see the rich and varied offer, including: hand tools, pneumatic and carpentry tools, as well as measuring devices, fastening systems, abrasive articles, technical chemistry and building materials.

Construction Machinery Exhibition

The Construction Machinery Exhibition at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a fair during which specialists from the construction industry will have a convenient opportunity to learn about the rich and diverse offer of leading companies, as well as learn and discuss the factors generating the development of the discipline. The event will be a place to exchange information on the latest construction technologies used to erect buildings, as well as modern software and other available tools.

The industry scope of the event is related to issues in the field of civil engineering, also known as civil engineering. During the fair, machines, vehicles and construction components as well as lifts, scaffolding, formwork, formwork and cranes will be presented. The participants of the Construction Machinery Exhibition will also see the latest recycling and working machines, rock mining machinery and road and green maintenance vehicles. The companies presenting their offer will also include service providers and spare parts.

More information on Construction Machinery Exhibition: https://warsawconstructionexpo.com

We cordially invite you to the fair!